1. Stickers!

    I thought I should scan these ones before they go out.

    For posterity and all that.

  2. Brian Coffee Carton did a drawing in my notebook.

    It’s good to be back home in Dublin.

  3. I went to a ‘Quote Along Big Lebowski’ screening in a London cinema!

  4. I bought a signed copy of Midus Vivendi, by Ulay And Marina Abromovic, in Amsterdam.

  5. It is a bit expensive to get around in London, I think I’ll just walk home.

  6. I went to Amsterdam with my main man Thomas Earls FitzGerald.

    We made the trip to check out the newly refurbished Riuks Museum and to catch up.

    It was a memorable experience. Some beers, a few laughs, our troubles were over. 

  7. 'The Book of Other People' edited by Zadie Smith.

    I was talking with Frank Kelly (father jack hackett) the other day in a book shop. He was telling me that he only reads the classics these days (Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Hardy etc…). What is the point in reading contemporary work when all the best stuff has already been written. He maintains that there are too many authors these days; sure there are good writers but they are all “lacking in balls.”

     I have to disagree. This collection of contemporary short stories is one of the best reads i have ever had. 

  8. Warning this scissors gives a numb finger and an MS Scare.

  9. M,M’s Blade

  10. A fine Pen. 

    Deleter have stopped making my favorite pen (Neopiko-Line-2) so I bought 50 pens from their warehouse in Japan before stocks ran out. Mainly the 0.03 mm model.

  11. I went to an exhibition of Quentin Blake’s new work in the ‘Cross Street Gallery’ with M.M and M.M.M… It was very good.

    "It’s very nice to be offered these exhibitions, because I don’t want to do retrospectives, I still work every day…" -Blake